Services / Anchor Testing

Ground Anchors, Rock Bolts and Soil Nails are used in a variety of applications. Geotest can test most types of anchor, rock bolt or soil nail.

Geotest can carry out three types of test:

  • Destructive Ground Anchor Testing – Destructive ground anchor testing can be carried out on sacrificial ground anchors, to establish the maximum load which the ground anchor can safely support. This allows bonding grouts and ground anchors to be designed based upon a ‘real life’ situation, which will ensure that the anchor design is safe, and may well save money over standard designs.
  • Non-Destructive Anchor Testing – Once installed, ground anchors can be tested before being commissioned. The testing, typically 150 % of working load or 200 % of working load will provide an assurance that the anchor has been installed correctly without the need to sacrifice the anchor in the process.
  • Anchor Testing – Some types of ground anchor system require tensioning before they become effective. Geotest are able to tension most types of anchor rapidly and efficiently. This provides an assurance that the every system has been set up in accordance with its design.

How It Works

Geotest use a range of hollow hydraulic cylinders designed to fit any diameter anchor to apply the pressure.

Accuracy is essential! - Geotest use a fully calibrated load cell to monitor pressure on the hollow cylinder. This is far superior to a pressure system where hydraulic oil pressure in monitored which can vary significantly over time.

Geotest can test vertically, horizontally or at any angle between. A hard surface is desirable to jack against, however is not always essential.

Geotest have carried out testing on a range of sites including:

  • Ground anchors to secure pedestrian fencing.
  • Rock bolts to secure cliff faces.
  • Rock bolts to hold mesh in place.
  • Soil nails for solar PV arrays.
  • Soil nails for securing retaining walls.
  • Ground anchors to secure a steel portal framed building over a dry dock.
  • Geotest carry a selection of fittings / extension bars, and can obtain fittings / bars to fit most types of anchor. Please call us to discuss your anchor system and see how we can help.